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Perks of The Grand Suite on Royal Caribbean

Grand Suite Bedroom

When it comes to cruising, there's something undeniably special about experiencing the journey in the lap of luxury. Royal Caribbean understands this desire for elevated travel, and they've crafted the perfect solution: Grand Suites. These luxury accommodations offer an array of perks that will make your cruise truly unforgettable. In this blog post, we'll delve into the world of Grand Suites on Royal Caribbean and explore the exceptional benefits that come with booking a Grand Suite for your next vacation!

On Royal Caribbean cruise ships, the Grand Suite is basically the entry-level to the suite class of staterooms. The ships do feature Junior Suites as well but they don't come with the perks that the start when booking a Grand Suite. So what exactly do you get when you book a Grand Suite? Read on to find out!

Grand Suite on Royal Caribbean

Let's start with the suite itself. You will get substantially more room than in lower level rooms. For example, the Grand Suites on the Grandeur of the Seas the grand suite is 350 square feet while the square footage of a grand suite on the new Icon of the Seas is 430 square feet. You'll enjoy a separate seating area and sleeping area as well as a much larger bathroom with upgraded amenities such as bathrobes to use onboard as well as upgraded bath products. The balconies are larger as well, usually right around 110 square feet versus the 40 - 55 feet you'll get with a standard balcony room.

In addition your stateroom will feature a Lavazza Espresso coffee machine as well as a bed with a pillow top mattress.

Let's move on to all of the other benefits you'll get when booking a grand suite (these are the same for all other suite classes as well with the exception of the Junior Suites as I mentioned earlier!

Priority Boarding

Priority boarding is one of the first perks you will get when staying in a suite on Royal Caribbean. Instead of waiting with thousands of other passengers to board the ship, you will be one of the first allowed to board the ship. This won't get you to your suite any faster as the ship's staff will still need time to clean and prepare your suite but it will allow you to avoid lines, board faster and enjoy a quiet lunch or to find a prime spot at the pool before the ship gets crowded.

Concierge Services & Club Access

Concierge Club on Royal Caribbean

I don't generally have the luxury of sailing in a suite but the few times I have been able to this is easily one of my favorite perks. First, you'll have access to concierge services while onboard. You'll find the concierge in the Suite Lounge or Concierge Club (we'll talk about these in just a minute) and they are happy to handle all sorts of details for you such as

  • Booking shore excursions

  • Dining Reservations

  • Assist with billing issues

  • Spa Reservations

  • Assistance with Show Ticketing

  • Assistance with Private Parties

  • and More!

You will also have access to either the Suite Lounge or the Concierge Lounge depending on what ship you sail on but they are essentially the same thing and provide the same amenities. Not only will you find the concierge desk here, it's also a great place to get away from the busyness of the rest of the ship to relax and they serve a continental breakfast each morning and also serve hors d'oeuvres and petit fours each evening before and after dinner along with a full bar. Some of the newer ships have entire suite neighborhoods which include even more amenities for suite guests.

Priority Dining Reservations

Specialty dining on Royal Caribbean

Specialty restaurants are popular on Royal Caribbean and reservations can fill up quickly so being able to make reservations before the rest of the guest onboard the ship is a great perk if you enjoy the specialty restaurants. Don't forget that the concierge desk will be happy to make them for you!

Priority Show Seating

You will also get priority seating at many of the live shows onboard the ship when you book a grand suite (or above). How this priority seating works varies just a little bit depending on whether you're part of the Royal Suite Program or the Royal Suite Class.

The older ships have a section of the theater reserved for suite guests. On newer ships you can actually book seats in advance so that you can reserve the best available seats. Remember, the concierge desk can make these reservations for you as well.

Here are some additional perks that you will get as part of the suite program on the older Royal Caribbean ships:

  • Priority Spa Bookings

  • Priority Shore Excursion Tickets

  • VIP Pool Deck Seating (Voyager Class and newer)

  • Priority Tendering for Shore Excursions

  • Bridge, Galley and Backstage Tours

  • A Suite Party Invitation (Cruises 5 nights or more)

  • Complementary 24-Hour Room Service

  • Private breakfast and lunch seating

  • A Departure Breakfast

  • No Sign-Up Fee for valet service for your luggage

Following are some additional perks that you will get with a Grand Suite on Oasis and Quantum Class Ships:

  • Meals at Coastal Kitchen (Be sure to make reservations for dinner, drinks are not included unless you have the drink package)

  • Free VOOM Internet Service (1 device per guest - you can switch between devices)

Cost of a Grand Suite

Grand Suite Balcony on Royal Caribbean

Here's where we get to the really important question and I'll give you a hint, suites on Royal Caribbean are NOT cheap. The price of a grand suite is going to vary based on the ship along with the length of the sailing and various other factors but you can expect them to start at about $4000 per person and go up from there. They can easily be at least 10 times what you'd pay for an interior stateroom.

Whether or not the cost is worth it to you is something only you can decide. If you won't use the many benefits that you'll get as a suite guest then it's probably not worth it based on the larger, nicer room alone. I generally prefer to book a balcony or a junior suite if I can get a good deal on one because all the extra perks just aren't valuable enough for me to spend that much extra money. Granted I am also not working with an unlimited budget but if you have the money to spend or are planning an important vacation it is a wonderful experience!

While Royal Caribbean is hands down one of my favorite cruise lines, they do have A LOT of ships and each ship has different offerings and it can get confusing very quickly when you're trying an itinerary on a ship with all the things you just can't live without! We're here to help! Fill out this form or send us an email or call/text us at 800-368-3395 and we'll help you find the perfect ship for your next cruise. That's not all we do, we can also help you make your travel arrangements and even book dinner and show reservations for you and it doesn't cost you a single penny! Contact us today and learn more about how we can make your next cruise headache and hassle free!

If you are a do-it yourself kinds of person and want to search for your next cruise yourself, we highly recommend Cruise Direct for searching and booking cruises. You can learn more about why we recommend Cruise Direct in this blog post!


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