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Why We Like Cruise Direct For Booking Cruises

Our first choice would be that you call us and allow us to book all your travel! It's really the most hassle-free way to take a vacation and it doesn't cost you a penny extra (and we think we're pretty darn good at what we do) but we know that some people just prefer to do all the searching and booking on their own & we totally understand that! That's why we've partnered with Cruise Direct.

Here are just a few of the reasons we love Cruise Direct:

1. Let's say I know I want to sail to the Caribbean from Miami in May of next year but I'm not 100% loyal to any specific cruise line and I'm looking for the best value for my money. Instead of going to multiple cruise lines websites and searching each one, which just leaves me confused and annoyed, I can go to Cruise Direct and enter my search criteria and they'll give my results from multiple cruise lines. I can even further refine my search criteria by asking only to see ships that have slides or an outdoor movie screen. Bottom line, they make finding the perfect cruise easy!

2. They work with numerous cruise lines, which means that they search across all of those lines to find you your perfect cruise! They currently work with the following cruise lines:

3. They offer a Low Price Assurance which means that you can book the cruise you want now and if the price drops before your final payment, they will work directly with the cruise line to get you the lower fare (Note: If you prefer to work directly with Palm Paradise Travel Co we offer this service as well!).

4. You'll often get freebies and discounts when you elect to book with Cruise Direct. These can include onboard credits, free insurance, discounted shore excursions, visa gift cards and more. You can easily see what freebies and discounts are included by clicking the bonus tab on any cruise you are looking at!

5. Cruise Direct offers free Holds and Flexible Payment Options and has partnered with Uplift for easy cruise financing.

6. We obviously think that we have the best customer service in the business or we wouldn't be doing what we do. When you work directly with Palm Paradise Travel Co. you don't have to lift a finger as we do everything for you and if there is an issue you will always talk to the same person who booked your trip. That said, if you prefer to book your own cruise, Cruise Direct does offer customer service both during and after booking and has great reviews for the quality of their customer service so you can rest assured that you will be well taken care of if you should choose to book your cruise through them!

Our main goal is to help you create the vacation of your dreams and that is why we provide as many options as possible! Whether you want to use a full-service travel agency like us to book your trip from beginning to end or you prefer to do most of your own legwork, our goal is to provide you the best information possible so you can have the vacation of your dreams! Feel free to reach out anytime with questions or to call us at 800-368-3395 - we love to help any way we can!

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