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Check out some of our most frequently asked questions! Contact us anytime if your question isn't answered here.

Why should I plan my vacation with Palm Paradise?

We are glad you asked! At the end of the day, using us to plan your vacation will save you time. Because our services come at no cost to you

(you can read more about how we get paid here), you have nothing to lose & everything to gain! When you call or email Palm Paradise Travel you will always be connecting with a real human. Because we are a boutique travel agency you'll get to know our small staff very quickly and we will always know who you are when you contact us.

How early can we start to plan my trip?

We love people who plan in advance! It's never too early to start planning and we encourage you to reach out to us anytime (it's never too early for us to get to know your preferences). However, it is important to note that many flights can not be booked more than 11 months in advance, resorts often must be booked within a year of travel and cruise lines will generally allow booking between 18 - 24 months in advance.

Can I use points to book my flights & hotel?

We love points and use them frequently for travel! While we are able to use your loyalty numbers to GET you points, we are unable to book award travel. If you'd like to book a portion of your trip with award points we are still more than happy to assist with remainder of your travel plans. And, remember, you will still always earn points when using us!

Can I book a trip directly on your website?

At some point we may add booking options for certain destinations or for trip specials, however, we feel like adding a booking option from our site takes away from the purpose of our business, which is to help you plan your perfect vacation. If you have to do all the work of researching destinations, comparing pricing and booking then we're really no different than Expedia. Our value is in our personalized service.

How will I communicate with you?

We want to make it easy for you to communicate with us! You can call, text or email us anytime! You can also use the chat feature on the website (chats will be sent directly to us in the event we aren't online). Once you become a client of Palm Paradise, we will provide you our personal cell phone numbers and our WhatsApp (this can be useful if you are out of the country and have wifi but no cell service) We also have a secure client portal where all your travel documents will be accessible by you anytime. Don't worry, we'll also send them to you via email if that's easier for you! 

Do I need a minimum budget to work with you?

Absolutely not! I can give you an idea of what to expect when traveling to different destinations but there is no trip too small (or too big) for us to help you with! You can even just ask for us to let you know when we come across a really great deal that meets your needs becomes available & we may just be able to get you that dream trip at a much better price!

Do you book Airbnb or other vacation rentals?

While we love vacation rentals, we have chosen not to book them for clients for a number of reasons. First, there is just too much left to chance with an Airbnb. Cancellations by hosts are on the rise and we don't want to book you a trip that falls apart before it even starts!

We only work with brands that we are very familiar with. Many of which we have visited ourselves & all of which we have thoroughly researched!

Wait...I have more questions! What do I do?

If we didn't answer your question above, please feel free to fill out the form below or call or text us anytime! You can also use the chat feature in the lower right corner, you'll be talking to a real person and not a automated bot no matter how you choose to contact us!

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