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Overview of Thrill Island on Icon of the Seas

Thrill Island Icon of the Seas

Thrill Island on Royal Caribbean's new ship, Icon of the Seas, is the stuff that kids dreams are made of. It really is a floating theme park and I can not wait until I get a chance to check it out in person! In this overview of thrill island, we'll talk about where to find thrill island on the ship and check out all of the amazing things there are to do.

Thrill Island is located on Deck 16 at the back (stern) of the ship. It takes up more than 17,000 square feet of space on the ship so it's pretty hard to miss!

Category 6 Waterpark

waterpark icon of the seas

The Category 6 Waterpark is the largest waterpark at sea and includes 6 thrilling slides!

Frightening Bolt: This 282 foot long slide is the tallest drop slide at sea. In the image above, Frightening Bolt is the orange slide. When you board the slide and the floor drops out from beneath you, you'll plummet 46 feet down before you're propelled through a 360 degree loop. This one is definitely going to be INTENSE!

Storm Chasers: This is actually a set of two slides - they are the light and dark blue slides in the image above. These are the first racer slides at sea. You'll use a mat on this 431 foot long slide and once you're in the slide you'll be met with music and glowing lights as you race to the bottom.

Storm Surge: This is the green slide in the image above and it's a family/group slide that can fit up to four people in the raft at a time. You'll love the massive drop that will leave you hovering mid-air with a view of the ocean!

Hurricane Hunter: The pink slide in the image above, this is another family slide that will allow up to 4 riders at a time in a raft. You'll race down 425 feet of twists, turns and waterfalls that will leave you drenched!

Pressure Drop: The first open freefall slide at sea, this one is going to be wild. It's the yellow slide in the image above that you can barely see (look in between the pink and green slides to catch a glimpse of it. This slide has an impressive 66 degree incline so you'll essentially freefall 108 feet to the epic end of this slide!

Use of the Category 6 Waterpark is included in your cruise fare. Hours may vary so check your Cruise Compass or the Royal Caribbean app on your phone!

Crown's Edge

Crowns Edge icon of the seas

As excited as I am to cruise on Icon of the Sea and as amazing as this looks, I can promise that I will not be partaking. If you do, send me some video please! Because Icon of the Seas has not yet made her maiden voyage there's not too much information about Crown's Edge other than what Royal Caribbean has released, which is basically that this is part ropes course, part sky-walk and part thrill ride. You'll strap in and then step out 154' above the sea where Royal Caribbean says "when you least expect it, the floor beneath your feet could collapse leaving you dangling high over the ocean." So, y'all let me know how that works if you try it out. There is a small fee to participate in this activity according to Royal Caribbean.

Returning Favorites at Thrill Island

Flowrider icon of the seas

Flowrider Surf Simulator

This has been a ship favorite for quite some time and you'll find one Flowrider at Thrill Island on Icon of the Seas. If you've never tried Flowrider, it's like being able to catch a wave without being in the ocean. You can either surf or boogie board on it and private lessons are available for cruisers that would like a little help learning how to "surf." You can read more about Flowrider in this post. There is no cost to use Flowrider unless you sign up for lessons.

rock wall icon of the seas

Adrenaline Peak

Rock walls are another guest favorite and have made an appearance on many Royal Caribbean ships and it is back again as part of Chill Island on Icon of the Seas. Kids and adults alike enjoy the rock wall and there are different difficulty levels that you can try! Adrenaline Peak also has racing lanes so grab a friend and see who can make it to the top first! Guests must be 6 years old to use the rock wall. The rock wall is included in your cruise fare and no reservations are needed.

lost dunes mini golf

Lost Dunes Mini Golf

Yet another family favorite aboard many Royal Caribbean ships are the putt putt golf courses and Lost Dunes may be the best one yet. Challenge your friends or family on this 9-hole course where you'll have to get the ball up and through shipwrecks, plane crashes and the fallen palms of Thrill Island! Playing mini-golf is included in your cruise fare so play as many rounds as you'd like!

sports court icon of the seas

Sports Court

Since Icon of the Seas has not yet made her maiden voyage, I don't have the greatest photo of the sports court but you can see it in this rendering to the far right. The Sports Court has been a regular feature of Royal Caribbean ships; if you enjoy competitive sports you'll find a variety of options here including basketball, volleyball, dodgeball and pickleball. There is no need to make a reservation and there is no cost to use the sports court - just show up and join!

Food & Drinks at Thrill Island

Basecamp icon of the seas

Basecamp & Basecamp Bar

All the activities at Thrill Island are sure to work up an appetite. When you're ready for a break, head over to Basecamp for something quick to eat. According to Royal Caribbean Basecamp will include a variety of complementary items as well as upgraded options that will be available for purchase. The Basecamp Bar is located here as well and bartenders will be serving up your favorite alcoholic and virgin drinks all day. Drinks are not complementary but you can use your drink package here if you have one! There will also be a Basecamp Bar cart located near Flowrider if you want to grab a cocktail on the go.

milkshake bar icon of the seas

Desserted Milkshake Bar

When it comes to milkshakes, I turn into a 5-year old again, but the milkshakes at Desserted Milkshake Bar will also let me enjoy them as an adult because adults can have booze added to theirs! According to Royal Caribbean, these will not be your average milkshakes. With lots of toppings and add-ons your milkshake will be anything but ordinary and it will definitely be Instagram worthy. Items at Desserted are available for purchase. Royal Caribbean has not yet made an announcement but because milkshakes can be purchased with some drink packages at Johnny Rockets, I would assume the same would be true here!

I hope that gave you a decent overview of Thrill Island on Icon of the Seas and got you excited try out this amazing new ship! If you want to talk about booking a cruise we are here to help! Fill out this no-obligation form or send us an email or call/text us at 800-368-3395 and we'll help you find the perfect ship for your next cruise. That's not all we do, we can also help you make your travel arrangements and even book dinner and show reservations for you and it doesn't cost you a single penny! Contact us today and learn more about how we can make your next cruise headache and hassle free!

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