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Everything You Need to Know About the Centrum Shops on Royal Caribbean

Centrum Shops on Royal Caribbean

If you've read my blog at all, you probably already know Royal Caribbean is one of my favorite cruise lines for so many reasons and one of those reasons is the variety and quality of shopping options onboard their ships. Read on to learn more about the Centrum Shops aboard Royal Caribbean.

What is a the Centrum?

The Centrum on Royal Caribbean

Not to bore you with a history lesson, but back in the earlier days of Royal Caribbean, the "centrum" was introduced with the Sovereign Class of ships, which has since been retired. The ships designer referred to the multi-story atrium in the center of the ship as the centrum, therefore the shops in this area are called the Centrum Shops (Vision Class Ships) or the Shops of Centrum (Radiance Class Ships). The Centrum has since been replaced with the Royal Promenade on newer ships but on the ships that have a Centrum, these vibrant and mult-deck atriums are the hub of activity, entertainment and social gatherings throughout the cruise.

What Kind of Shops Will I Find?

The actual shops may vary a bit from ship to ship but generally speaking there will always find the following:

  • Fine Jewelry

  • Watches

  • Tobacco/Liquor

  • Perfume and Cosmetics

  • Designer Handbags

  • Royal Caribbean Logo Wear

  • Convenience Type Store with items you may have forgotten at home

Store hours will vary each day and are generally closed while the ship is in port but you can always check your cruise planner to see what hours they are open. Also, many of the Centrum stores have special events with sales and special pricing so be sure to watch for those if you want to snag some good deals! These events generally take place in the evening but not always.

Where are the Centrum Shops and What Ships Have Them?

The Centrum shops are always located mid-ship but the deck can vary based on the ship. We have notated below what deck you will find the Centrum Shops on each ship:

Grandeur of the Seas: Deck 6

Rhapsody of the Seas: Deck 6

Enchantment of the Seas: Deck 6

Vision of the Seas: Deck 6

Radiance of the Seas: Deck 5

Brilliance of the Seas: Deck 5

Serenade of the Seas: Deck 5

Jewel of the Seas: Deck 5

While Royal Caribbean is hands down one of my favorite cruise lines, they do have A LOT of ships and each ship has different offerings and it can get confusing very quickly when you're trying an itinerary on a ship with all the things you just can't live without! We're here to help! Fill out this form or send us an email or call/text us at 800-368-3395 and we'll help you find the perfect ship for your next cruise. That's not all we do, we can also help you make your travel arrangements and even book dinner and show reservations for you and it doesn't cost you a single penny! Contact us today and learn more about how we can make your next cruise headache and hassle free!

If you are a do-it yourself kinds of person and want to search for your next cruise yourself, we highly recommend Cruise Direct for searching and booking cruises. You can learn more about why we recommend Cruise Direct in this blog post!

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