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The Easiest Way to Find & Book the Perfect Virgin Voyages Cruise

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Planning a Virgin Cruise

Virgin Cruise Specialist

We think the easiest way to book a Virgin Voyages Cruise is through us - we do all the research for you, provide you details on all the different options available that meet your needs and can quickly find you the best deals, especially if your dates are flexible. We also keep up on all current perks and promotions so you don't have to spend time trying to figure out how to maximize your trip. We've also successfully completed the highest level of training with Virgin Voyages so we like to think we know our stuff! Oh, and it doesn't cost you a penny as our services are always free to our clients. All that said, I completely understand that some people enjoy looking through all the available options on their own so the post of this post is to show you how to easily locate the best options using the Virgin Voyages Website. Let's get started!

Step One: Head on over the Virgin Voyages Website where you will find a page that looks like the one below.

Book Your Virgin Voyages Cruise

Step Two: If you just start scrolling you'll see all of the upcoming cruises from every port and on every ship. This is the point where I used to get sidetracked and start looking through options that won't work for me & then before I know it an hour and a half is gone and nothing is booked. The easiest way to find the voyages that will fit your needs is to start with the search box at the top. I like to start with as few parameters as possible and then refine them one at a time. In this example I think I'd like to go on a cruise during the month of December so I'm going to select the entire month and then click Apply. Note: You can also choose multiple months - this is a great option if you have flexible travel dates & want to find the best price.

Choosing a Virgin Cruise

Step Three: Now I see that there are 18 cruises available in the month of December but some of those sail from locations that aren't going to work for me, like Melbourne, Australia. So I'll click the filter tab on the right to refine my search a little bit more. I know I want to cruise out of the United States so after I click the filter tab I am going to scroll down until I see the "Sail From" option and I'm going to choose Miami. Pro Tip: Miami is the only port in the continental United States that Virgin uses currently.) Once I've done that I'll just click "Apply" to see the updated list of available voyages.

Booking a Cruise Online

Step Four: I've now gotten my list down to 12 available cruises leaving Miami during the month of December. At this point you can quickly scroll through them, and without having to leave this page I can see the available dates and prices for each option, as well as the ship, number of nights and ports of call as you can see below.

How to Book a Cruise

Step Five: Once you've had a chance to scroll through the available cruises I can click on any that interest me or use the "Search Again" button in order to change my search parameters. I like this method because it lets me see all my options along with the pricing, etc. in one place. So, the more I think about it, I think I'd like to cruise over Christmas. As I was looking through the options I found that there are three cruises that will be at sea on Christmas Day. Since I don't really care about the port of call I'm just going to choose the cheapest one. I'm going to click on the date, as shown below to see what cabin options are available.

Virgin Voyages Tutorial

Step Six: On this cruise there are only Sea View and Sea Terrace cabins available as the rest have been sold out, but I'm not ready to choose which cabin I'd like just yet so I'll choose how many passengers and then click "View Cabins."

Booking a Virgin Cruise Online

Step Seven: I know I want a Sea Terrace because, hello, I definitely want the hammock that all the terrace cabins have so I'll just choose that option and move on to the next screen. It's also worth noting that the little red banner with the dollar sign you see on the right signifies that a specific cruise or room is either on sale or has added perks - or both!

Easily Book Your Virgin Voyages Cruise

Step Eight: I can't show you the entire page but once I've chosen "Show Options" I'll be taken to a new screen that allows me to see the different terrace cabins that are available along with the prices, location on the ship, floor plan, amenities & any specials that are included with each room category. Since I chose the cheapest Christmas cruise I'm going to splurge and get the XL Sea Terrace cabin so I'll select that.

How to Book a Virgin Voyages Cruise

I'm now taken to a page to confirm my selections before I begin checking out. There's a few things that are important to note here. First, unlike some cruise lines that allow you to choose your stateroom during check-out, Virgin automatically assigns you the best stateroom available. If you'd like to choose your own, you can contact Virgin. Or, if you use us as your travel advisor we'll do all that for you....there's no charge for that either. The second important thing to note here is that the room price we saw on the page before includes gratuity. Unlike other cruise lines that won't be added later. The only thing it didn't include was taxes and fees, which you can see will be $384.00 for this cruise. You may also notice that it says "Your bar tab credit is on the way" - that's because there is currently a promotion going on and I'll be getting a $300 bar tab credit for booking this cruise. Yay! Once everything looks good we'll just click check out.

How to Book a Virgin Cruise

Step Nine: I won't bore you with entering all the information needed to check out as it's pretty self-explanatory but I will note two quick things: 1. You can add insurance to your cruise at this point. Insurance with Virgin costs 8% of the price of the cruise and can be added up until you make the final payment, meaning the only time you would have to decide if you want insurance at the time of booking is if you are paying in full when you book. 2. At this time you only have to enter one sailor's information. You can add the other anytime up until 48 hours before your cruise. Virgin Voyages also allows you to change one or both sailor up until 48 hours from the time you set sail.

Step Ten: Once you've entered all your information and moved on to the next page you will be given payment options. If the cruise is more than 120 days from the date of booking you will only be required to pay a 20% deposit due at the time of booking - the remainder will be due 120 days from the date you sail. You can also choose to pay in full, apply for Uplift to make interest-free payments, or elect to hold your cruise for 24 hours with no deposit required.

Booking your Dream Cruise on Virgin

And there you go, you've got your Virgin Voyages cruise booked! Be sure to check out our other articles about cruising with Virgin Voyages - we've done all the learning so you can relax and have fun! Here's a few you don't want to miss if you are planning a Virgin Voyages cruise

The Virgin Voyages App

We hope this tutorial helped finding your next cruise easier for you. We hate to beat a dead horse, but we really would love to help you plan your trip. You can avoid all the hassle of researching, planning and booking your trip and it won't cost you one penny extra. You also don't need to remember when your final payment is due or when you can start booking Shore Things (excursions) because we'll make sure to remind you of everything so you don't miss out! Feel free to fill out the form below to get in touch with us or call/text us anytime at 800-368-3395. Or click here to browse and book your own cruise today. We'd also love for you to join our Virgin Voyages Tips & Tricks page on Facebook where we discuss all things cruising with Virgin!

We hope to see you on the high seas soon!

Disclaimer: We may make a small commission if you make a purchase using one of our links at no cost to you and is paid by the retailer. The price you will pay remains the same.

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